All Getz Poms are handcrafted in the USA from materials manufactured in the USA.
Each Pom is individually fluffed to look its fullest.
Getz produces the most durable long lasting pom in the industry.
Poms are sold individually, not in pairs. For example, order 4 Poms, and not 2 pairs.
Orders for custom Poms must be emailed to or faxed to 800.660.6040.
We do not accept phone orders on custom products.
Phone orders are acceptable for stock items only.
Please contact our customer service department at 800.854.7447 for help when placing your order.

Pom Styles Available

Pom Sizes

Pom Width Options

Handle Styles

EB – Baton

B – Baton

PB – Baton, Plastic

D – Dowel

SH – Show