• Effectively seals punctures and small leaks (including valve leaks)
  • One half to one ounce of Puncture Seal injected into the valve immediately repairs existing punctures and prevents future leaks for the life of the ball
  • Puncture seal remains liquid inside the ball, coating it continuously
  • Ball is ready for play within minutes of injecting it with Puncture Seal
  • Non-toxic – non flammable
CONTAINERS: Lower the cost of ball repair with these economical, large size containers of Puncture Seal. The four ounce bottle repairs from 4-8 balls, the pint from 16-32 balls, and the gallon will repair up to 256 balls. Use with syringe applicator.
BULK CASE: Box of 300, one ounce plastic squeeze bottles without instruction wrapper.
SCHOOL PACK: One ounce plastic squeeze bottle comes in a chipboard wrapper with complete instructions. Case of 24.
Item Description Weight
PSSP School Pack 1 oz.-case of 24 2 ½ lb.
PSBLK W/O Label-case of 300 bulk 29 lb.
PS4 4 oz. ½ lb.
PSPT Pint 1 ½ lb.
PSGAL Gallon 10 lb.
PSA Syringe Applicator 2 oz.
PSN Syringe Applicator Needle 2 oz.